Thank-you for visiting my page. You might have landed here for many different reasons… Maybe you’re discontent with the 9 to 5? You might be looking for an opportunity to make additional income? Perhaps you want to explore a passion you’ve always had for fashion, but were unsure of the next step?
No matter the reason, I am here to show you what is possible through a career in styling.


Let me introduce myself. I am Trish G and 30 years ago, (or what I tell my stylists; a thousand years ago) I was just like you.

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Today, I manage a sell-out styling warehouse and a successful team of stylists all around Australia, some earning up to $8,000 a week. This is not by luck, but because they followed the methods that I have structured and perfected through my ‘Personal Styling System’. That’s why I have established Trish G Styling School.


Starting in the fashion Industry at a very young age and loving that pathway, l decided to open my very own boutique and over 30 styling pop-up shops. But oh, did l learn the hard way, that building a business from scratch was a massive challenge. 


I began meeting with client after client from all walks of life. I realised there was a pattern and whether it was due to sizing, choosing the right style for their body shape or general low self-esteem, most people didn’t have confidence in themselves or the styles they wear. I knew I needed to educate myself in the psychology of styling as I began to discover that my role was no longer about the power of clothing for my clients; it was about a transformation, from the inside out.


I then needed a unique approach to stand out. I realised fashion is so much more than clothes, it is about inner beauty and the individual discovering their true identity, using the clothing as a tool to bring the best out of each client. 

My boutique boomed with success in the first year and what made it stand out was the unique styling service that I offered. From there, I was able to grow my business and train a team of experts to implement the same method to their business. 


My own ‘Personal Styling System’ provided the method to my success. It allowed me the opportunity to speak about fashion, at conferences, colleges, seminars and workshops, alongside world renowned speakers. I was able to demonstrate that being a sought-after stylist is for every person, from all walks of life; as it is about helping and equipping each unique individual with a style that brings confidence, strength and dignity.



I want to take my 30 years experience and provide you with the head start I wished for when I dreamt of being a fashion stylist. Trish G Styling School will equip you with more than just the skills to be a successful stylist; I want to mentor you on building a thriving business from the ground up and help you to become an influencer. You won’t just leave as a certified Personal Fashion Stylist, but you will be trained in the methods to rapidly grow your own successful styling business 


Succeeding in styling takes an understanding of marketing, communication and negotiation, project management and networking. Your styling success is our priority, that’s why we have developed a 2-Day Styling Course that’s planned and perfected. So whether you want to build your confidence in communication and networking, or become your own boss in a thriving business, we will train and mentor you to ensure you succeed.

What do you have to lose? 

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“Trish’s model to both empower and encourage women in business, as well as personally is something I have never before seen.


I just love being part of her tribe! It’s not hard to LOVE her eye and experience for fashion! If you have considered at all that this may be for you - Stop considering and just do it!

You won’t regret it.” 


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Styling School

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