Unit One: Transformational Styling

In this unit, you will develop the core skills and knowledge of a Fashion Stylist, you will learn how to:


  • Build a client-stylist relationship

  • Build client confidence through the power of fashion

  • Style selection based on demographics

  • Style step-by-step including the skill of layering

  • Keep up to date with current trends

  • Understand the historical, social and emotional perspective on Fashion

  • Perceive the many voices of fashion & trends


Unit Two: Colour Analysis & Body Shape: The Impact and Influence of Colour, Shapes and Patterns

In this unit, you will develop the core theories on the importance of colour, shape and patterns in styling and the uniqueness of breaking rules. You will learn how to:


  • Value the importance of colour and it’s impact on self and client’s

  • Challenge perceptions & break traditional rules

  • Personal style and play with colour & makeup

  • Identify body types & how to style accordingly

  • Change mindsets through the power of colour in a practical activity

Reading material on the theories and psychology of colour provided. 

Unit Three: Learn the Art of Makeovers - An Interactive Workshop with Fashion, Hair and Makeup Stylists & Photographer

In this unit, you will get hands-on and create makeovers through a practical workshop. You will learn how to:

  • Take your clients shopping

  • Shop for them

  • Create makeovers by using your own fashion range

  • Develop the elements of the Makeover Experience

  •  Arrival & Ambience, Styling, Refreshments, Makeup & Hair, Photoshoot, Celebration

  • Develop the Art of Makeovers through a practical experience

Unit Four: Avenues to Develop Your Styling Business


In this unit, we will take you through the avenues to develop your styling business and create your styling dream. You will learn how to: 


  • Define your brand and create a vision 

  • Wardrobe Makeover

  • Provide a Personal Shopper Service

  • Own a Boutique 

  • Run a Home Styling Studio 

  • Run a Sip & Shop Styling

  • Own a Warehouse

  • Become an Online Stylist

  • Become an Image Consultant 

Unit Five: Marketing & Engaging with Social Media 

In this unit, you will gain understanding in the world of marketing, the power of marketing and gain the skills to generate leads and convert them into to quality clients. You will learn:


  • The Importance of Marketing and Different Avenues

  • The Why of Social Media

  • The Art of Social Media

  • The Impact of Social Media 

Unit Six: Inspiration for your Journey 

In this unit, you will be inspired and challenged by top influencers and leaders in fashion. You will learn to: 


  • Transform your mindset

  • Achieve personal & professional goals

  • Dream big and venture outside comfort zones

  • Propel yourself forward in business through self-development

Unit Seven: Develop a Successful Event 

In this unit, you will learn the key elements of developing a successful event, from planning to promotion & launch. We will take you through the structure of:


  • Conferences

  • Workshops

  • Events

  • High Tea

  • Fashion Parade

Unit Eight: Goal Setting and Develop a Plan

In this final unit, you will refine what you’ve learnt and develop your own plan to bring your vision to life. We will conclude with: 


  • Evaluation

  • Presenting of Certificates  

  • Closing

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